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DevelopmentWe develop your product together with professional development partners and assume the project management for you. With the cooperation of the development sectors and the range of production we offer a manufacturable product design.

  • Comprehensive development service from PCB routing to complete circuit design
  • Suggestions or improvement by using alternative components and by proposal for modification to design and layout
  • Certification of your products

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Competence from development to production to turn your customer requests as quickly as possible into projects.  

From development to production our specialized team works independent and own responsible for the overall process of the prototyping production. Our manufacturing knowledge and experiences in serial production flows early into the development of your new product.  

  • Tender within 3 days
  • Delivery within 10 days, by all available components and data
  • On serial production machines close to serial conditions
  • Samples report regarding feasibility and caused problems including proposals for solutions
  • Design for Manufacturability Solutions / and costs

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Management of Modification

To meet new market conditions promptly and flexible, we established an extensive management of modification. To secure the flexibility towards our customers is our primary target. We activate the customer orders in “the last moment“, so we are able to react still on changes shortly before the delivery. This offers the customers a tremendous value for the serial production. 

For Traceability all applicable modifications will be registered in a database. The documentation begins with the first serial production of the product.

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ProductionYour products made in Germany.  


Our processes offer high quality. The specific needs of the customers today and in future are important to us. To comply with the fulfillment of the ever-changing needs we have invested in 2012 in the installation of homogeneous production lines. Our technology portfolio comprises 5 SMD-lines for highest precision like setting of components up to the smallest size of 01005.  


Equipped with reflow ovens and paste printers with 3D AOI systems in all lines we offer a range of services:

  • Paperless production
  • Traceability
  • Online monitoring of soldering profile (KIC)
  • AOI of PCB’s after reflow
  • Wave-soldering (leaded, unleaded)
  • Laser marking
  • Parylene-coating of electronic devices
  • Coating of electronic devices
  • Selective soldering
  • X-ray of devices

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Fast and efficient testing equipment gives a high level of product safety.

With long-lasting experiences in the development of testing equipment in Soft- and Hardware the customer benefit in developing optimized test concepts by defining and implementing of automation solution. We implement your wishes to our own tooling and testing equipment department.


Our range of service:

  • Separate jig making and testing equipment department with 3 CNC systems
  • Modern IC Tester
  • Modular built Functional testing equipment
  • Universal fixtures
  • Acquisition of customer specific test-equipment

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After Sales

  • Long-term storage
  • Postproduction

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Global Sourcing – Purchasing strategies across borders.

Our supplier’s policy is targeted on the needs and requirements of the customer. A long-lasting supplier relationship allows us a good information and supply management in case of allocation.


Our range of service:

  • Supplier agreements and material schedule line with customers
  • Minimum stock of selected components (z. B. C-parts)
  • Implementation of specific customer requirements by using own software tools in logistic-/ERP-area (labels, DFÜ, EDI)
  • Direct vendor management and auditing in China
  • Integrated standards office (alternative components research, PCN)

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Reliability has a name. Stable processes are the basis for a high level of quality.

DIN EN ISO 9001 with integrated environmental management system after DIN EN ISO 14001 ensures you a defined and documented Quality of your products. 

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We made the right connection. 

Our Inhouse-Team with IT-specialists and our captive ERP–System allows EMS–specific solutions and the adaption to customer wishes. Individual and seamless links with your IT- and logistic systems reduce your work of data provision and data reception.

  • Adapt our ERP-System to customer requirements
  • Different order systems according to customer requirement
  • Customer portal
  • Customer-specific evaluation and data provision
  • Call-of order /delivery by standardized systems (VDA, Odette, EDI…) & individual concepts (consignment stock, buffer stock,…)

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