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SUMIDA AG - in its role as financial holding company within the group-holding company – assumes management of all the affiliated companies, in accordance with the statutes. Located below this are the subsidiary companies:

SUMIDA Components & Modules GmbH

SUMIDA Components & ModulesSUMIDA Components & Modules GmbH, which is seated in Obernzell in Bavaria, is a leading company in the electronic sector. It develops, manufactures and sells inductive components and modules. With development, production and sales locations in China, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Eastern Europe, Mexico and the USA, the SUMIDA company is a globally competent partner for all services relating to electronic production. From individual problem definitions to standardization – many of the trend-setting inventions came from SUMIDA Components & Modules GmbH, for example, today’s customary high-voltage igniters for Xenon headlights in automobiles.

SUMIDA Components GmbH

SUMIDA Ceramic ComponentsWe are a traditional manufacturer of passive electronic components located in Neumarkt i. d. OPf in Bavaria.

SUMIDA Components GmbH supplies customers in the field of telecommunication and automotive and a lot of other important manufacturers of modern electronics worldwide. The product line includes passive components for electronic applications and piezoceramic components. 
State-of-the-art production equipment and an experienced and motivated team of technicians guarantee the high quality of SUMIDA Components GmbH products. The wide selection of standard products is complemented by individual, custom specific problem solutions worked out in cooperation with the support of our engineers.

The markets of SUMIDA Components GmbH grow and the requirements on our products are increasing. We are commited to responding proactively to the changing environment in all areas.
Our aim is to provide top quality products and the best service possible for all our partners as we grow with them.

SUMIDA flexible connections GmbH Link Icon

SUMIDA Flexible ConnectionsAs a market leader for flexible connection technologies, we transform the production technologies "flat rolling of copper wires" and "lamination" into high tech products for the electronics industry.

The Flexible Flat Cable (FFC) and Flexible Board Connector (FBC) products, which have their origin in our base technologies, are assembled into functional units through suitable connecting methods, overmolding and assembly steps.
Based on this vertical integration, on product know-how and system expertise we supply the market with assemblies for climate sensors, airbag transmission cables and lighting technology.

"Fast, Flexible and Reliable"– this motto of SUMIDA flexible connections GmbH has materialized into innovative high-quality products that meet all requirements in terms of functionality and competitiveness.

Within the SUMIDA group, we have the possibility to present ourselves internationally and to implement projects globally.
The synergies achieved in technology, production and logistics within the SUMIDA group will support our activities.


SUMIDA EMSAs service provider in the EMS industry we are your competent partner for electronic assembly services. With a production site in Eastern Europe and over 50 years experiences in electronic manufacturing service we will accompany you in all steps of your products.
Our organization and flexibility allows us to come up with the needs of the future – a more complex and more global value chain.

With our know-how and our innovative production we are able to meet your customer requirements.

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