North & South America

With our sales and distribution network, as well as our R&D facilities in this region, we are able to offer several advantages. Fast response times with the ability to handle all kinds of requirements, assistance in choosing the right components for specific applications, as well as design recommendations depending on specific needs. Because engineering and R&D are also located domestically, our turn-around time for samples and prototypes can be as low as 2-3 days.

From our large selection of engineering design tools to our comprehensive global manufacturing network, Sumida’s objective is to make the component selection process more convenient for our customers. Our North American facilities can quickly provide units for bread boarding or pilot runs and then full scale production can be transitioned to an offshore plant for maximum economy. Sumida’s manufacturing capabilities and quality standards are duplicated throughout multiple plants to ensure our customers receive consistent product from any manufacturing location.

The basis for our success has been our achievements within the automotive, industrial and consumer markets and the ways we have been able to create synergies with our partners to help them optimize their solutions.


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