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Green Procurement Policy

We at SUMIDA are committed to the identification and assignment of outside suppliers as our counterpart partners who will support us in achieving our Charter goal of customers’ satisfaction.


Product production is 100% reliant on overseas Sumida facilities with local procurement of materials and therefore requires an ‘Only One’ globally unified procurement policy across all local production markets.


Selection for partnering with suppliers will done on a open, frank and fair basis for creating business opportunities for both parties, and evaluation criteria for selection will take in to consideration quality, competitive pricing, speed of delivery and environmental consciousness.


The mutual business relationship between Sumida Group and each of its suppliers one based on mutual development and trust, with an understanding of the need for control of confidential information and respect for local social and legal sensitivities.

Conflict Minerals Statement

Reflecting the Code of Conduct in “Sumida Business Principles”, we never use conflict minerals that originate in conflict-affected and neighboring areas for the purpose of cutting the humanitarian crisis such as violence, plunder, abuse and child labor by rooting out sources of funding for the ongoing conflict. Sumida Group procure conflict-free minerals for fulfilling corporate social responsibilities of Sumida Group.

Profits from the trading of minerals mined such as tin, gold, tantalum and tungsten in the Democratic Republic of Congo and its neighboring nations have been used to finance armed rebel groups, allowing them to continue fighting and encouraging ongoing inhumane acts, such as mining using forced or child labor. Aiming to bring conflict to an end by cutting off the source of funds for armed group, the U.S. Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was signed into law on July 21, 2010. Section 1502 of this act has mandated that companies registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission must publicly disclose their use of conflict minerals. With the cooperation of suppliers, Sumida Group are determining if any such minerals are contained in existing products and establishing a framework to ensure they are not used in new products. As much details as possible of the Sumida Group’s survey (based on the EICC/GeSIDD template) will be disclosed to customers.