SUMIDA Ceramic Components

Welcome to the Strategic Purchasing of SUMIDA Components GmbH 

The following pages provide you with details on purchasing programme and the corresponding quality requirements.

Purchasing Documents

Material requirements

Cores (rod cores)
Wires (CuL – wires)
Raw Materials others (glues, soldering materials)
Cables (assembled cables)
Packaging (paper / bord packaging, plastic packaging)
Plastic Parts (housings)
Metal Parts (Pins, stamping parts, turning parts, deep drawing parts, tube parts, bent wire parts)


SUMIDA Components GmbH
Kerschensteinerstraße 21
D-92318 Neumarkt/OPf.
Phone +49 (0)9181 / 45 09-110
Fax +49 (0)9181 / 45 09-330 

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