SUMIDA Academy

Sumida Academy

At Sumida, we believe investing in people is the most important investment we can do. We are known for our commitment to providing our employees with an ongoing learning environment and the opportunity to develop the most current skills and expertise. English language training programs are conducted at all Sumida offices in Japan and for management at the factories in Taiping and Panyu in Southern China. TOEIC tests are periodically conducted in all offices in non-native English speaking countries in which Sumida has a presence. As English is the common language of business as well as the dominant language on the Internet, the CEO, Mr. S. Yawata has announced a policy to make English the common language of the Sumida group from January 1 2002. This policy has attracted much attention from the media in Japan.

Our Hong Kong office conducts an Education Assistance Scheme where employees who embark on work-related courses aimed at achieving professional or technical qualifications at approved institutions are offered financial assistance with tutorial fees. 

All offices regularly hold discussion groups, workshops and training programs as required.