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As a global operating company, SUMIDA provides first class job entry and career opportunities – national and international. Here you can use your know-how and your individual capabilities in a performance-oriented manner and expand on them. We welcome individual responsibility and commitment. We foster a cooperative relationship with our employees. Our aim is to win over the finest experts and gain their loyalty – after all, a company is only as good as its workforce.

Further education is the key to tomorrow’s success. This is why SUMIDA is investing in the continuous qualification of its employees. Each single person benefits from a systematic further-education program that is tailor-made to match individual skills and knowledge. 


Existing openings:

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Qualified job entry
Through our well-established training policy we are able to generate substance right from the start, and thereby safeguard our innovation power and competitiveness. We are on the lookout for talented and committed trainees. Take your future into your own hands! Your chances of being offered a job, after training is over, are very good because we train our specialists to ensure that our company is successful in the long term.

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Greater Knowledge through practical experience
You can gather practical experience as a pupil or student at SUMIDA. An internship or occupational training presents not only a vital addition to theory gathered in school or at university, but also makes the transition to the world of work an easier one. It offers you an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the company and the way it operates on the scene, and you can increase your technical knowledge while recognizing and advancing your own strengths.

SUMIDA offers a practical study internship:
18-20 weeks, accompanying your electrical engineering course of study

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Bachelor/Master thesis:

SUMIDA supports students doing their master- and bachelor theses. Cooperation here is carried out in close coordination with Human Resources and the assisting university tutors. 

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