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Sumida recognizes corporate governance is one of the most important topics of management and that its basis is to secure the transparency and efficiency of management to respond to the expectations of stakeholders and to continuously enhance corporate value of the company.

In April 2003, Sumida shifted to a Company with Committees System to strengthen corporate governance of the company. In the System, Committees in which outside directors occupy the majority are established in order to improve management transparency. Executive Officers concentrate on business execution while the Board specializes in the supervision of their execution – thus the System clearly separates "Management" and "Governance" in order to make both organizations function effectively.


Corporate Governance Report Corporate Governance Policy

 Corporate Governance


The Board concentrates on the supervision of directors and Executive Officers, and the decision making on statutory approval items such as formulation of basic policy of management etc., that execution of other matters are delegated to Executive Officers. There are 9 directors in the Board in which 7 of them are outside directors, and following committees have been set up (as of 25th March, 2020):

Nomination Committee (Statutory) - composed of 3 outside directors
The Committee makes decisions on the resolution’s content for appointment and dismissal of directors. At Sumida, the Committee also appoints the nominees of Executive Officers for recommendation to the Board. The Chairman of the Committee is an outside director.

Audit Committee (Statutory) - composed of 4 outside directors
The Committee monitors and inspects the duty execution of directors and Executive Officers, and to make decisions on the resolution’s content concerning appointment and dismissal of accounting auditors etc. that to be submitted to the shareholder's meeting.

Compensation Committee (Statutory) - composed of 3 outside directors
The Committee determines the compensation policy as well as compensations of each director and Executive Officer. The Committee judges performance of Executive Officers according to their commitment. The Chairman of the Committee is an outside director.

Systems of Supervision and Internal Control

Supervision System
The Board and Audit Committee are the supervising bodies that they are responsible for supervision and inspection of directors and Executive Officers’ execution of duties accordingly. Besides, internal control division reports to the supervising bodies at any time when there is possibility of damage or influence on the interests of the company."

Internal Control System
To ensure their business activities comply with applicable laws, regulations and the Articles of Incorporation, Executive Officers have set up an internal control system based on the "Sumida Business Principles" which aims to ensure an appropriate decision-making process as well as the surveillance of individual activities, and thereby enhance operating efficiency.

1. Risk Management Committee was set up in July 2003. The Committee’s duties are to predict potential risks from global viewpoints and to formulate preventive measures against the risks by analyzing regular report from the risk monitors appointed in the group’s main business bases including overseas areas. The Committee is also responsible for examining correspondence methods to minimize losses in case of crisis.

2. Compliance function: Sumida positions compliance activities not limited to the problems concerning the compliance of laws and regulations, but also to actively accomplish the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) based on integrity, discipline, and common sense. The compliance body serves as the main body for framework maintenance and the core part of corporate governance, and monitoring functions of compliance activities.

3. Controlling of internal audit function: Deciding the yearly audit direction by having prior consultation with Audit Committee, and reporting the implementation and results of internal audit while closely cooperate with Audit Committee.

The function also provides various supports to internal auditors appointed in the main business bases in the group including overseas sites. The supports include planning of internal audit schedule and its implementation in order to enhance internal audit operation among Sumida group as well as to improve the internal control system.

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Board Members


Mr. Shigeyuki Yawata
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Chairman of the Risk Management Committee


Mr. Johji Sato
Outside Director

Member of the Audit Committee
Independent Director and Member of the Audit Committee,
OUE Lippo Healthcare Limited


Mr. Pak Hong Auyang
Outside Director

Chairman of the Nomination Committee
Chairman of the Compensation Committee
CEO, Altis Technology Limited
Executive Director, CEO and member of the Executive Committee, Computime Group Limited

Mr. Yukihiro Moroe
Outside Director

Member of the Nomination Committee
Member of the Compensation Committee
Representative Director, YUME Capital Co., Ltd.
Representative Director, Itohan Japan Co., Ltd.
External Auditor, Oisix ra daichi Inc.

Mr. Atsushi Kato
Outside Director

Chairman of the Audit Committee
Member of the Risk Management Committee

Dr. Michael Mühlbayer
Outside Director

Member of the Nomination Committee
Member of the Compensation Committee


Dr. Masako Miyatake
Outside Director

Member of the Audit Committee
Partner, Blakemore & Mitsuki
Visiting Professor, Keio University Law School
Deputy Secretary-General, Japan International Dispute Resolution Center


Mr. Tatsuo Umemoto
Outside Director

Specially Appointed Professor, Graduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University
Visiting Professor, Graduate School of Social Design Studies,
Rikkyo University
Representative Director, iGRAM Inc.
Outside Director, Forum Engineering Inc.


Mr. Tom Suseki

Member of the Risk Management Committee

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Management Organisation Chart of Sumida Group

The “Management Organization Chart” is to show the company hierarchy on formal reporting channel, chain of command and authority within Sumida Group in day-to-day operation and also in the decision and policy making process.

SUMIDA CORPORATION ("Sumida") is a pure holding company and has been adopted the Company with Committee System.
All three statutory committees (Nomination Committee, Audit Committee and Compensation Committee) are composed of external directors. Executive Officers are responsible for the business execution, and the Board of Directors is specialized in the business supervision in Sumida; thus business execution and supervision function is expressly separated in Sumida. Risk Management Committee is specialized in risk management in Sumida.

Capital Structure of Sumida Group

The “Capital Structure” is to show the statutory and capital shareholding relationship of each holding company and subsidiaries of Sumida Group.


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Mr. Shigeyuki Yawata
Representative Executive Officer and CEO


Mr. Yoshiyuki Honda
Representative Executive Officer and CFO


Mr. Kanji Hori
Executive Officer and President

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