Master Plan Stage II (2015-2017) (Old)

Master Plan 2012-2017+

Mid-Term Business Plan (Stage II) 2015 to 2017

Achievement of Numerical Targets

  • Increase sales above 100 billion JPY level and achieve operating income of 5%

Business Strategies in the Focused Markets

  • Expand Automotive/Industry- related businesses.
  • Put particular emphasis on profit in Consumer Electronics related business

Improvement of Profitability

  • Improve profitability by thoroughly cutting down production costs and overhead
  • Pursue management of the company with more emphasis on ROE



Operating Income

FOREX Assumptions
(fixed for 2015-2017)


100 B JPY

JPY118 / USD
JPY137 / EUR

Achieving Targets for FY2017

In 1st half of Stage II, focus on reducing costs and building a base to make sure to achieve targets in 2017.

Achieving FY2017 Targets

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