SUMIDA: Company News

SUMIDA CORPORATION has released a new annual corporate social responsibility report. Please click the following link to view the document SUMIDA CSR REPORT 2018.

Corporate Governance Policy

December 14th 2018

SUMIDA CORPORATION has newly published a Corporate Governancec Policy in the About > Company Information portion of our website. Please click here to view the information.

Disclosure Policy

December 10th 2018

SUMIDA CORPORATION has newly published an information disclosure policy in the Investor Relations portion of our website. Please click here to view the information.

Best quality award by TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION (Hirose factory) for our excellent quality performance. Our consistent effort based on TOYOTA's Zero-Defect activities achieved no-defect and resulted in this honorable awards.

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As previously announced in the public notice entitled "Notice on basic M&A agreement with Pontiac Coil, Inc. and establishment of a new subsidiary" on April 18, 2018, we are pleased to announce that we have successfully acquired 100% of the shares in Pontiac Coil, Inc., on June 1st, 2018.