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Beware of Counterfeit Sumida’s Products

March 25th 2014
Press Release

Thank you for your continued confidence in and patronage for Sumida’s products.

Lately, an increasing number of copies of Sumida’s products have been discovered in the counterfeit markets. These counterfeit products are sold through some other routes than Sumida’s legitimate sales channels such as Sumida’s sales offices or sales companies as well as distribution agents. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to distinguish those imitations from genuine Sumida’s products by appearance.

In case of using the imitations in your electronics products, there is much concern regarding the possibility of not only having a malfunction, but also causing a serious safety problem in the worst case.

In order to avoid a malfunction or any other problem incurred by the counterfeit products, we would like to remind you to purchase our products through our sales offices, sales companies or distribution agents. Also, please be reminded that we cannot be responsible for any damage caused by using the counterfeit Sumida’s products.

For inquiries, please send an e-mail to your local sales office.

Contact Address:

Hong Kong
China (Shanghai)
Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Australia, Iran, India


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