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March 16th 2011
Press Release

In view of the ongoing developments in Japan, SUMIDA Corporation would like to provide an update to its customers, other business partners, shareholders and investors.

Over the last ten years and more, SUMIDA has consistently expanded and diversified its group operations and business infrastructure overseas. This regional diversification has resulted in the minimization of dependence on any one site – this was and remains a prudent and strategic risk management measure.

Practically Sumida’s entire manufacturing infrastructure is located overseas. Two small facilities that still operate in Japan are not affected by the recent disaster. All our major products are manufactured outside of Japan.

R&D work in affected facilities in Japan are being reallocated to other R&D centres in the group R&D network, and we expect the mid-term impact to be insignificant. Business functions that are carried out in Tokyo are being supplemented by our Hong Kong office, so that business continuity is assured in any eventuality. For that small group of customers who are affected, we are urgently working on alternatives and solutions.

Consequently, although there are uncertainties in the locations in Japan, the impact on the commitments of SUMIDA towards its customers and business partners viewed as a whole is minimal. Our operations are primarily managed and carried out outside of Japan.

We appreciate greatly the numerous expressions of trust, support, and good wishes from our customers, business partners. We look forward to continuing and growing our relationship with you.

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