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Recent Developments in Japan

March 14th 2011
Press Release

In view of the recent developments in Japan, SUMIDA CORPORATION would like to provide an update and reassure our customers, business partners, investors, and shareholders.

The tragic developments that started on Friday 11th March are still unfolding. Nonetheless we can inform that although our R&D Center in Sendai suffered some damage from the earthquake, it was fortunately not affected by the following tsunami.

Our manufacturing activities in Japan are not affected and the impact on the supply chain of products produced in Japan is minimal.

We will work however to assess the impact that the damage in Sendai would have on the timeline of those development projects related to specific clients.

We would like to reassure our clients and business partners that their interests remain a priority for us, even as we work to mitigate the impact of the disaster on our employees and our infrastructure.

In view of our regionally diversified infrastructure, as well as the multi-national nature of our group and our employees, we believe that SUMIDA is in an excellent position to overcome this event – it is a crisis that will bring out the best in SUMIDA to achieve the best for our customers, our business partners, investors, our shareholders, and our staff.

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