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Management Changes in SUMIDA CORPORATION to Enhance Management Effectiveness

August 31st 2010 Press Release

To further reinforce its already improving business performance in 2010, SUMIDA CORPORATION has decided to realign responsibilities within its top management team. The Board of Directors of SUMIDA CORPORATION has through a resolution approved the following changes:

  1. Personnel Changes in Representative Executive Officers’ and Executive Officers’ responsibilities (effective as of September 1, 2010)
    Name New Position Previous Position
    Shigeyuki Yawata No change Director, Representative Executive Officer, CEO
    Chiu Ka Sheung Director, Representative Executive Officer, Deputy CEO Director, Representative Executive Officer, Group President
    Saburo Matsuda No change Representative Executive Officer, CFO
    Tomoharu Suseki Director, Representative Executive Officer, Deputy CEO Executive Officer, COO
    Dr. Hans-Joachim Dittloff Executive Officer (Europe) Executive Officer, COO
    Ryoji Iwanaga No change Executive Officer

    1. Chiu Ka Sheung, currently Representative Executive Officer and Group President, will work more closely with CEO as Representative Executive Officer and Deputy CEO as of September 1, 2010.
    2. Tomoharu Suseki, who has served as Executive Officer, COO will become Representative Executive Officer and President of SUMIDA CORPORATION as of September 1, 2010.
    3. Dr. Hans-Joachim Dittloff, will from September 1, 2010, focus on supporting CEO and Deputy CEO in the formulation and execution of mid- and long-term corporate strategies, as well as supporting Tomoharu Suseki in Europe.

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