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Change of the Company Names of Consolidated Subsidiaries

November 19th 2009
Press Release

SUMIDA CORPORATION is changing the name of several of our subsidiaries.

  1. Reasons for the Change
    As our strategic response to the economic crisis, Sumida has this year implemented a major organizational restructuring to completely integrate our operations and centre them around business units – the “Global One Sumida Concept”.

    A major element of Global One Sumida is the inclusion of the name “SUMIDA” in all our subsidiaries, to signify their membership in the SUMIDA Group. When these changes are in place, the consistent use of the name of “SUMIDA” regardless of which SUMIDA subsidiary our customers and business partners have dealings with, would emphasize a clear and consistent image and service all over the world.

    The names of the subsidiaries (e.g. VOGT, Stelco and Panta) will be retained as product brand names as our customers and the markets identify and associate these names with specific products groups. While our customers can be assured that they will continue to get the products that they have learned to value, they will now also be clearly aware that these products are backed by the SUMIDA Group.
  2. Details of the Change
    Former Company Name  New Company Name  Country
    VOGT electronic AG  SUMIDA AG Germany
    VOGT electronic Components GmbH  SUMIDA Components & Modules GmbH  Germany
    VOGT EMS GmbH SUMIDA EMS GmbH  Germany
    VOGT electronic Lehesten GmbH  SUMIDA Lehesten GmbH  Germany
    VOGT electronic Austria GmbH SUMIDA Austria GmbH Austria
    VOGT electronic Romania S.R.L SUMIDA Romania S.R.L. Romania
    VOGT electronic Shanghai Co. Ltd. SUMIDA electronic Shanghai Co. ,Ltd.  China
    VOGT electronic Mexico S.A. de C.V. SUMIDA Components de Mexico S.A. de C.V. Mexico
    VOGT electronic Slovenija d.o.o. SUMIDA Slovenija d.o.o.  Slovenia
    Sumida VOGT GmbH SUMIDA Europe GmbH Germany
    Stelco GmbH  SUMIDA Components GmbH Germany
    Panta GmbH  SUMIDA flexible connections GmbH  Germany
    Panta Romania S.R.L.  SUMIDA flexible connections Romania S.R.L. Romania
  3. Timing of the Change
    For the subsidiaries in Germany and Austria, the statutory work and processes for the change of the company names have been completed as of November 16, 2009.
    For the other subsidiaries, the corresponding tasks will be completed by the end of January, 2010.


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