SUMIDA: Company News

Relocation of Headquarter Offices

November 19th 2009
Press Release

This is to inform you that the headquarter offices of SUMIDA CORPORATION and its subsidiary, Sumida Corporate Service Inc will be relocated. The details as follows:

  1. New Location and Contact Numbers
    Asahi Building, 3-12-2, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
    Phone Number: +81-3272-7100* 
    Fax Number: +81-3272-7802*
    *Phone/FAX numbers remain the same
  2. Date of Business Start
    24th November, 2009
  3. Reason of Relocation
    We currently have our sales and R&D offices at the new location. The relocation enables us to consolidate major offices at one place and we expect smoother communication among sections and further improvement of operation efficiency. Reduction of office rent is also expected.

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