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Notice of Candidates for Board of Directors

February 15th 2006 Press Release

This is to provide notification that SUMUDA CORPORATION has resolved the election of candidates for members of the Board of Directors in a recent Board of Directors meeting based on decision of Nomination Committee. The final decision on membership will be made at the Annual Shareholders Meeting (18 March 2006).

1. Candidates of the Board of Directors

Name Position Title
Shigeyuki Yawata Director,
Representative Executive Officer, CEO
Chiu Ka Sheung Director,
Representative Executive Officer, Group President
Robert E. Patterson Director
Ashok B. Melwani  Director 
Tadakazu Koizumi  Director 
Hiroshi Matsuhashi  Director 
Yutaka Aso Director 
Kazuhide Kondo  Director 
Masato Tsuru Director 
Masato Tsuru To be newly appointed


  • According to the Japanese commercial code, Robert E. Patterson, Ashok B.

    Melwani, Hiroshi Matsuhashi, Yutaka Aso, Kazuhide Kondo, Masato Tsuru, and
    Kohtaro Miyagi are to be appointed as external directors.

  • After examining the legal interpretation and the actual situation of the business activities of Robert E. Patterson and Ashok B. Melwani, both of them will be considered as candidates of external directors.
  • Mr. Minoru Yokota will resign this year.

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