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Notice on the Appointment of Executive Officers and Committee Memberships

March 21st 2012 Press Release

Following the 57th General Shareholders’ Meeting, the Board of Directors resolved at its meeting on March 20th, 2012 to appoint Executive Officers and to determine the committee memberships as below.

1. Committee Memberships

Nomination Committee Charles F. Martin (Chairman), Ashok B. Melwani, Robert E. Patterson, Shinji Yoko 
Audit Committee Masaru Hattori (Chairman), Kohtaro Miyagi, Nobuyuki Oneda
Compensation Committee Kohtaro Miyagi (Chairman), Robert E. Patterson, Ulrich Ruetz
Strategy Committee Shigeyuki Yawata (Chairman), Kohtaro Miyagi, Charles F. Martin, Shinji Yoko

2. Assignment of Executive Officers

Title Name
Representative Executive Officer (CEO) Shigeyuki Yawata
Representative Executive Officer (President) Tomoharu Suseki
Representative Executive Officer (CFO) Yoshiyuki Honda
Executive Officer  Paul Hofbauer
Executive Officer  Ryoji Iwanaga
Executive Officer  Takatoshi Oyo (new)

Mr. Saburo Matsuda, who stepped down as Representative Executive Officer on 20th March, 2012, has taken up the post of an advisor to SUMIDA CORPORATION as of the same day.

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