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Flooding in Germany

June 5th 2013 Press Release

We hereby inform you of the impact of the recent floods in Germany on our business activities.

1. Current Situation
SUMIDA CORPORATION’s subsidiary in Germany, SUMIDA AG, which has a factory located in Erlau near Passau Germany, has been hit by heavy flooding caused by the river Danube since the early morning of 03-Jun-13 and suspended operations for the safety of its employees.

Fortunately we have not so far received a report of any human casualty.

The management team of SUMIDA AG is currently coordinating all activities to minimize damages and closely monitoring the situation. However, while the water level seems to be lowered, as the factory is currently not accessible, it is quite difficult to assess the damages at the factory and the duration of the production stop at this point in time.

We will keep you updated of any further development.

2. Brief Summary of the Subsidiary

Address: Dr. Hans-Vogt-Platz 1, D-94130 Obernzell, Germany
Representative: Paul Hofbauer
Capital: EUR 7,344,027
Shareholding: 97.04%
Employees in Erlau, Germany: 398
Business: Development, manufacturing and distribution of electronic coils


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