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Notice on the influences of the Novel Coronavirus in the People’s Republic of China

February 13th 2020
Press Release

The recent outbreak of the coronavirus has had significant impact on the local communities in China and SUMIDA CORPORATION (“the Company”) would like to express their deepest condolences to all those who have been affected.

1. Operation of Factories in the People’s Republic of China (as of February 13, 2020)

Securing the safety and health of our employees with first priority, we have taken measures such as wearing masks, measuring temperature and maintaining hygiene of employees in accordance with the instructions of the local authorities.  With the exception of SUMIDA Electronic SuQian Co., Ltd., in JiangSu Province, our major factories generally resumed operations.

Unfortunately, due to regulations applied by the local authorities etc, part of our employees could not return to work from home.  Furthermore, the procurement of raw materials and logistics have not yet been fully restored.  Aiming to resume full operation as soon as possible, the Company is currently coordinating with related business partners.

2. Prospect in the Future 

If there are any updates on the above situation hereafter, these will be released on the website of the Company (