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Notice of Impacts of the New Coronavirus Infections on Sumida Group

April 14th 2020
Press Release

The new coronavirus infections have been spreading all over the world, making the governments of many countries declare a national emergency. In a time like this, we would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to the families who have lost their loved ones, and to express our sympathy to all who have contracted the disease.

Sumida group has been doing our best to prevent the spread of the infections by following the guidelines of each government with the highest priority placed on the health and safety of all our stakeholders including employees and our customers.

We would like to explain below the adverse impacts of the infections on our business and how we are coping with them.

1. Preventive measure taken in Japan

Based on the emergency declaration by the Japanese government as well as the requests by the local governments, we have basically adopted teleworking for employees, which will be continuing through May 6. By doing so, it may take more time than usual to meet the needs of the customers. We would appreciate your patience and understanding.

2. Preventive measures taken outside of Japan

Based on the requests by the government of each country we are in, basically our employees in the United States, Mexico, Europe and Southeast Asia work from home. Although production capacity in China where our main production sites are located had reverted to the same level as at the end of last year, some of the factories in other countries have contracted output or suspended production following the requests by the local governments.

3. Impacts on our business performance

The consolidated business forecast for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2020 announced on February 6, 2020 does not include the effects of the coronavirus. If we foresee its grave impacts on our profitability, we will disclose them without delay.