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Candidates for the Board of Directors

February 12th 2014 Press Release

SUMIDA CORPORATION would like to announce the following six candidates for the Board of Directors. This was resolved at the meeting of the Nomination Committee held today. The membership as director will take effect subject to the approval of shareholders at the coming 59th Annual General Meeting of shareholders (AGM) scheduled for March 21, 2014.

1. Candidates for members of the Board of Directors

Name Current Position in Sumida
Shigeyuki Yawata Director, Representative Executive Officer and CEO
Ulrich Ruetz Outside Director
(a member of the Nomination and Compensation Committees)
Johji Sato Outside Director 
(Chairman of the Audit Committee) 
Pak Hong Auyang Outside Director
(a member of the Nomination Committee)
Souichiro Uchida Proposed candidate of an outside director
- no current position at Sumida
Yukihiro Moroe Proposed candidate of an outside director
- no current position at Sumida

1. Messrs. Ulrich Ruetz, Johji Sato, Auyang Pak Hong Auyang, Souichiro Uchida, Yukihiro Moroe are the candidates for outside directors. After the election at the coming AGM, Messrs. Ulrich Ruetz, Johji Sato, Pak Hong Auyang, Yukihiro Moroe will be registered as Sumida’s independent directors at Tokyo Stock Exchange in accordance with the regulations of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

2. Messrs. Kohtaro Miyagi, Masaru Hattori, Charles F. Martin, Shinji Yoko will not be proposed as board members at the 59th AGM

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Representative Shigeyuki Yawata,
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
(Code 6817, 1st Section, Tokyo Stock Exchange)
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