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SUMIDA received the 2021 Supplier Evaluation Award (CODICO)

July 5th 2022 Press Release

SUMIDA CORPORATION is pleased to announce that its European group company SUMIDA Components & Modules GmbH (hereinafter referred to as “SUMIDA”), received the 2021 Supplier Evaluation Award of CODICO, a distributor in the European region.

Every year, CODICO evaluates their strategic suppliers worldwide according to standardized criteria: Delivery reliability, service orientation, innovativeness, cooperation, flexibility and sustainability, which are central elements of this assessment. Services such as fast sample shipments, sales support as well as reaction speed are also considered. As part of the annual supplier evaluation, SUMIDA was recognized with the 2021 Supplier Evaluation Award for reliability, excellent customer service and high product quality. In addition, SUMIDA again was classified as an A-supplier.