SUMIDA: Product News

SUMIDA is one of the most advanced developers of Eddy Current based Rotor Position Sensor solutions in the Automotive Market.

The latest development success led SUMIDA to the 3rd generation of RPS, combing the experience in finding technical best performance solutions with cost saving activities, related to latest IC and manufacturing technologies.

SUMIDA’s RPS Gen.3 can easily be integrated in a wide range of electric motor designs, because of a highly flexible mechanical Sensor design. Harsh environmental conditions and Functional Safety according ISO26262 are well known for this type of Sensor.

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CDRH127/LD is one of Sumida's popular power inductors, we have improved the manufacturing process and optimized design. Now we launched a new type CDRH12D78E/LD which is more cost effective with increased manufacturing capacity. CDRH12D78E/LD is good for DC/DC converter such as Buck/Boost, SEPIC and Zeta for any non-automotive application.

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January 19th - January 21th 2022

Place: Tokyo Big Sight
Booth No.: 39-12
Web site:

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Sumida developed inductors 0603CDWLF/DS and 0805CDWLF/DS for small and low profile high frequency inductors that achieves high current and high frequency.

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High current inductor CDB38D38, like other types in the CDB series, they are in magnetic shielded surface mount structure, and constructed by low loss ferrite core, with low DCR tolerance and high efficiency.

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