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Inductive Rotor-Position Sensor for Hybrid Electric Vehicles Market

April 20th 2010

SUMIDA has developed an inductive Rotor-Position-Sensor (RPS) for the promising
hybrid-electric vehicles market. This is a key area of focus under Sumida's Mid-Term
Business Plan for 2010-12.
This sensor system was specifically designed and developed for hybrid-electric propulsion systems. Compared to conventional sensors the RPS offers several advantages. It is largely immune against magnetic interference (the RPS can be located right inside the motor without additional magnetic shielding). At larger rotor diameters, the sensor module remains small, thus taking up significantly lower space, weight and cost. This makes the RPS particularly suitable to work with outer-rotor motors, hollow-shaft motors and in-wheel motors. As the specifications of the motors are different for every application, Sumida offers custom designed solutions using standardized components and processes.

The RPS has been refined in close cooperation with leading automotive system suppliers and car makers, with mass production starting in 2009. Sumida’s RPS is currently used with an outer rotor motor of a German system supplier, and can be found on recently issued Mild-Hybrid sedans of two leading German car makers. Further production launches of Sumida’s RPS will follow in 2010-2011 – this includes one of the first European EVs (“Electric Vehicles”) targeted for mass production. Owing to the inherent advantages of the RPS, Sumida is currently in promising talks with other interested car system suppliers and car manufacturers in Europe as well as in Asia.

[In production since 2009: RPS (radial type) for outer rotor motor.]
Rotor Position Sensor

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