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Development of High-Quality Heat Resistant Inductor & DC/DC Transformer

February 23rd 2010

SUMIDA CORPORATION (CEO: Shigeyuki Yawata, with the headquarters located at Chuo ward in Tokyo) have developed a high-quality inductor and a DC/DC transformer for automobiles, which are based on AEC-Q200 reliability tests and can withstand temperature up to 180℃. Demand for transformers and inductors withstanding high temperature is expected to increase with hybrid and electric vehicles becoming more and more popular in the near future. Sumida thinks that we need to cope with the demand for high-quality power inductors especially being used inside engine room that can withstand vibrations, shocks and high temperature. Sumida has been developing a series of ***/A type inductors that can resist 125 ℃ atmosphere and 30 ℃ self-generating heat and has just completed development of ***/AA type inductor that can resist 150℃ atmosphere which is 25℃ higher than before. The mass-production of ***/AA type inductor is expected to start at the end of 2010.

Type:  CDRH10D48/AAInductor
Outer Dimensions:  10.0mm x10.0mm xH4.8mm (Typ.)

Main Qualities:

Inductance   10uH ~ 1.0mH
37mΩ ~ 4.8 Ω 
Rated Current  
0.20A ~ 2.55A(at 150℃) 


Type:  CEEH1612Transformer
Outer Dimensions:  17.8mm x 24.1mm x H14.0mm(Max.)

Main Qualities:

Withstand Voltage  AC1500Vrms
Vibration Test Condition  10G
Shock Test Condition  100G
Maximum Operating Power  10W (at 200KHz)

Product Inquiries:
Sumida Electric Co., Ltd.
Sales engineering department – Mr. S. Watanabe
Tel : 81-3-5202-7136

Media Contact:
Global Communication Center –Ms. Kojimaru
Tel : 81-3-3272-7801

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