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New Type of Rotor Position Sensor

April 17th 2007

Eddy-current sensor with high tolerance to disturbance noise from magnetic field.
Eddy-current Sensor
SUMIDA CORPORATION (CEO: Shigeyuki Yawata) launches the new customer exploitation in Japan market and the new application development on new type absolute rotor position sensor which was developed by our group company, VOGT Electronic Components (Germany) with their own inductive sensing technology.

In automotive industry, the development of electric and electronic systems such as HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle) and EPS (Electric Power Steering) are now being promoted with the aims of fuel-saving and enhancing vehicle comfort. In this trend, the angle sensors which enable detecting rotation angle were adopted for higher performance and efficiency of motors, and EPS now tends to be equipped with angle sensor for rotation angle and steering torque detection. Thus, demand of sensing field is expected to expand furthermore. In the past, magnetic sensors such as hall element or resolver have been mainly adopted for this type of sensors. However, most of these sensors are installed inside/near motors or generators which require protection against magnetic noise.

SUMIDA’s rotor position sensor is designed with non-ferromagnetic structure and has high operation frequency; this unique design allows high immunity to magnetic interference noise generated from the sources such as motors. This product requires no penetration with rotary axis and is adoptable to various numbers of pole-pairs, therefore, it allows greater layout flexibility.

SUMIDA starts promotion on our various sensor technologies based on eddy-current and application development in this field.

This absolute rotor position sensor applied eddy-current will be exhibited at SUMIDA booth at MOTORTECH JAPAN*.
*Exhibition TECHNO-FRONTIER 2007
Date: from 18th to 20th April, 2007
Venue: Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan

Main Applications:
HEV motor/generator, ISG, X-by-wire, EPS, active suspension, passenger weight sensors.

Main Features:

  1. High immunity to magnetic interference fields generated from the sources such as motors.
  2. Carrier free output by sign-wave voltage signal.
  3. More layout flexibility – requires no penetration into rotary axis and be adoptable to various numbers of pole-pairs.


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