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Automotive Engineering Exposition 2014

May 21st 2014

Event Date: 21st - 23rd May, 2014
An exposition featuring the automotive technology for the engineers and the researchers started in 1992, the exposition has expanded to the largest of this kind to attract 400 companies and over 70,000 visitors.

Booth Photo

SUMIDA Booth Photo

Automotive Electronics Overview

Car Electronics

Showcased Products

Solenoid Coils for Automotive Applications

Wireless Power Transfer Coils

LF Antennas for Door Knobs

Insulated Transformer for IGBT Gate Drive

Eddy-current Rotor Position Sensor

Low Leakage Flux Type Power Inductors

Device Zone (click to download information)
High Temperature Applicable DC Common Mode Choke Coils
Power Inductors for Digital Amplifiers
High Temperature Applicable Power Inductors for Automotive Applications

Application Zone (click to download information)
Inverters for Motor Drive (Integrating Type)
Inverter for Motor Drive (Decentralised Type)
Electric Compressor for Car Air-Conditioners
Standard Chargers
Battery Monitoring Systems
Step down DC-DC Converter
LED Lamps