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Metal Hybrid Inductor: CDMT40D20

January 22nd 2016

Sumida has developed a new small and high current capacity inductor, the CDMT40D20.

Recently, Consumers have been looking to extend the battery life of their Smartphones and Tablet PCs.   Therefore, there is a need for highly efficient, low loss electric circuits, and it is the same for the inductors, which are key components in these circuits.   This demand is also a necessity in Servers or base stations for Telecom and any device used on a daily basis.   Sumida has developed an excellent inductor to satisfy these needs.  

In order to achieve high electric performance and high magnetic shielding, 2 kinds of metal materials are used in the CDMT40D20. As a result, this product has the lowest loss performance in the industry for inductors in its size. The use of a newly developed metal material in the over mold process reduces electrical noise found in most inductors.

Because CDMT40D20 is designed with various and suitable thickness of wires, it has wide range of inductance values ranging from 0.27uH-4.7uH. And, these are suitable for large current.

Thus, the CDMT40D20 is suitable for various electrical devices.

Key Features

  • Size: 4.3 x 4.3 x H2.1 mm Max.
  • Product weight: 0.18g (Ref.)
  • Halogen Free available
  • Operating temperature range: -40 °C to 125 °C
    (Not including coil’s self temperature rise)

Telecommunication base stations, servers, SSDs, and other low profile high current applications.

Part No. Inductance (µH) (±30%) *1 D.C.R. (mΩ) Typ. (Max.) Saturation Current (A) at 20°C *2 Temperature Rise Current (A) *3
 *4 *5 
 CDMT40D20HF-R27NC 0.27 5.80 (6.40)  17.2 7.50 16.80
CDMT40D20HF-R47NC  0.47 7.50 (8.30) 11.4 6.80 14.00
CDMT40D20HF-R63NC  0.63 9.40 (10.30) 10.4 6.10  11.70
CDMT40D20HF-1R0NC  1.00 13.20 (14.50) 8.70 5.40  9.60
CDMT40D20HF-1R5NC  1.50 19.50 (21.50) 7.10 4.40  7.50
CDMT40D20HF-2R2NC  2.20 28.00 (30.80) 5.60 3.50 5.50
CDMT40D20HF-3R3NC  3.30 42.00 (46.20) 4.30 3.00 4.60
CDMT40D20HF-4R7NC  4.70 59.00 (64.90) 3.70 2.50  3.50

*1 Measuring frequency at 100kHz 0.1V
*2 Saturation current: This indicates the actual value of D.C. current when the inductance becomes 30% lower than its nominal value.
*3 Temperature rise current: The actual value of D.C. current when the temperature of coil becomes △T=40°C (Ta=20°C).
*4 Measurement condition: Irms testing was performed by a product in 25°C ambient.
*5 Measurement condition: Irms testing was performed on copper traces in 25°C ambient.
** Discharge static electricity before handling this coil. Take the static electricity measures to prevent deterioration of electric characteristics.

Production Stage
Mass production: 2016 February

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