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High-Efficiency Electromagnetic Generator (4x larger output power than conventional products)

March 14th 2013

SUMIDA CORPORATION has developed a high-efficiency electromagnetic generator that converts vibration energy into electric energy. By being consist of a homopolarity in an opposite-position of moving-magnet unit and opposite polarity coils, this electromagnetic generator system succeeded in generating the output power more than four times larger than conventional products of the same size. This is nearly electromagnetic generator is suitable for lower frequency and long stroke. As the resonant system is created by the coil-springs, it is possible to design for specific resonant frequency depending on the usage.

Size comparison How it works

Power source for remote control, Electric charger for a mobile equipment, Flash light for emergency, Power source for active RFID and Power source for ocean buoy.

Product lineup:
φ14mm×L50mm (Size AA)

Sample release and mass production schedule:
Evaluation sample will be available on in April 2013.

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