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Small Size Multi-Layered Inductors for Consumer Electronics

August 8th 2013

Sumida Corporation will be launching a new product, small multi-layered ferrite inductors. Clearance gap was created inside ferrite core to bring magnetic saturation under control, which materializes same level of DC superposition characteristics as winding coil type does. It also can achieve high density mounting with bottom electrode.

DC/DC converters for small consumer electronics such as mobile phones, smart phones and tablet PCs.

Product Lineup (3 types):
C201610 (2.0mm × 1.6mm × H=1.0mm Max.)
L: 0.47μH ~ 4.7μH (Isat=2.1A ~ 0.6A Δt=40 2.0A ~ 0.8A)

C252010 (2.5mm × 2.0mm × H=1.0mm Max.)
L: 1.0μH ~ 4.7μH (Isat=1.5A ~ 0.3A Δt=40 1.9A ~ 0.9A) 

C252012 (2.5mm × 2.0mm × H=1.2mm Max.)
L: 1.0μH ~ 4.7μH (Isat=2.0A ~ 0.9A Δt=40 1.9A ~ 0.9A)

Small size multi-layered inductor

Mass-production of this product started in January 2013.

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