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High Current Surface Mount Inductor: CDPQ2419

May 31st 2016

Sumida has developed a new type of high-current power inductor CDPQ2419. This surface-mounted product can be used for PV inverter (Photovoltaic) and UPS power supply as well as for mobile phone base station. It can withstand saturation current of 100A (3.3uH). 

 Key Features:

  • Size: 26.5 x 27.5 x H20.0 mm (max.)
  • Product Weight: 38g (ref.)
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to +125°C
    (Including coil's self temperature rise)


High Current Inductor for DC/DC converters in distributed power systems and PV inverters etc.

Parts List:

Part Name Inductance
[within](µH) ※1
D.C.R. at 20°C
Max. (Typ.)
Saturation Current at
20°C (A) ※2
Temperature Rise Currrent
(A) ※3
CDPQ2419NP-3R3LB-AL51 3.30 ±15% 2.86 (2.60)  100 28.00
CDPQ2419NP-4R7LB-AL73 4.70 ±15% 2.86 (2.60) 72.00  28.00
CDPQ2419NP-100LB-AL156 10.00 ±15% 2.86 (2.60) 35.00  28.00
CDPQ2419NP-220LB-AL343  22.00 ±15%  2.86 (2.60)  16.00  28.00 

※1 Measuring condition at 100kHz 0.1V.
※2 Saturation current: This indicates the actual value of D.C. current when the inductance becomes 20% lower than its initial value.
※3 Temperature rise current: The actual value of D.C. current when the temperature of coil becomes △T=40°C (Ta=20°C).

Production Stage:

Mass production: July 2016

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