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AC Common Mode Choke: LF2420B

June 21st 2016

Sumida has developed an AC Common Mode Choke coil LF2420B for use in consumer electronics applications such as TVs, video players or printers to reduce the occurrence of noise. 

The D.C.R of LF2420B is lower than our existing product LF2420. This product mainly prevents common mode noise. It also prevents normal mode noise by allocating magnetic material between coils.

 Key Features

  • Size: 26.0 x 26.0 x H 21.0 mm (Max.)
  • Withstand voltage AC 2kV
  • Product Weight: 19 g (ref.)
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C
    (Including coil's self temperature rise)


TVs, video players, printers, noise prevention in AV equipment

Parts List

  Specification Measuring Condition
Inductance (1-2) and (4-3) 15.5mH Min. 40kHz, 1V
Inrush current (1-2) and (4-3) 135Vac 30A 2mS W/1Pulse
D.C.R. (1-2) and (4-3) 510mΩ Max. At 20°C
Hi-pot (1-2) and (4-3) AC 2000Vrms 2mA 50/60Hz 60S 
 Rated current (1-4) 1.0A Pin (2+3) shorted 
 Insulation resistance 100MΩ Min. 500V DC 

※ 1. Temperature rise rated current: the current when temperature of coil increases up to max. △t=45°C (ta=20°C in typical).
※ 2. Winding turns: approx. winding ratio: 1:1.
※ 3. Solder Temperature: 270±10°C for 5±0.5 Sec.
※ 4. Inrush current is just design guarantee.

Production Stage
Mass Production: May 2016

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