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January 18th 2017

18th - 20th January 2017

Booth ImagePlace: Tokyo Big Sight                             
Booth Number: E37-32

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[For Reference] Available downloads list:

  • LF Antenna for Doorknob
  • Insulated Transformer for IGBT Gate Drive for Traction Inverter (Decentralized type)
  • Pulse Transformers for Battery Monitoring System
  • Insulated Transformer for IGBT Gate Drive for Electrically-driven Compressor
  • 150℃ Resistant Power Inductors
  • Power Inductor for Digital Amplifier
  • IGBT transformer & Boost Reactor for HEV / EV
  • Coil & Transformer for On-Board Charger
  • High Temperature Applicable DC Common Mode Choke Coils for Automotive
  • Linear Solenoids
  • Antenna Coils for Keyless Receiver
  • LAN Pulse Transformer For Automotive
  • Reactor For Automotive


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