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Expansion of Metal Compound Molding Type Inductor: CDMC Series

November 29th 2018

Sumida has expanded its lineup of Metal Compound Molding Type Inductors, known as the CDMC series. 0640CDMCC/DS ( 7.4×6.8×4.0mm Max.), 0830CDMCC/DS (8.4×8.0×3.0mm Max.) and 0840CDMCC/DS (8.4×8.0×4.0mm Max.) are newly added as an expansion.

In order to achieve high electric performance and high magnetic shielding, metal compound molding construction is used in the CDMC series, and resulted in low audible core noise, low profile and high current performance.

Key Features:

  • Metal compound molding type construction
  • Magnetically shielded
  • Operational Temperature range: -55°C ~ +125°C (including self-heating)


Ideally used in notebook, ultrabook, tablet PC, LCD display, Server application; high current, POL converters; low profile, high current power supplies; battery powered devices; DC/DC converter in distributed power systems

Production Stage:

In mass production

Please click 0640CDMCC/DS0830CDMCC/DS0840CDMCC/DS to view product details