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SMD Power Inductor: CDEPH9817

January 7th 2020

CDEPH9817 is wound by flat wire and assembled with a Mn-Zn ferrite core. The flat wire provides exceptionally low DC resistance. Meanwhile, its mountability is improved by reforming the gap structure to "Side Surface Gap".

Key Features:

  • AEC-Q200 compliance
  • Ideal applications include Compact Digital Amplifier (Class-D-Amplifier) , radio audio amplifier and so on



Compact Digital Amplifier (Class-D-Amplifier) , radio audio amplifier and so on

Parts List:

Part Name  Inductance [Within] (μH) ※1  D.C.R. at 20℃ (A) Max. (Typ.) (mΩ)  Saturation Current (A) Max.(Typ.) ※2 Temperature Rise Currrent
(A) ※3 
CDEPH9817NP-150MC 15.00 ± 20% 10.20 (8.50)

10.00 (12.50)

- (11.60)

※1 Measuring condition at 100kHz 0.1V.
※2 Saturation current: This indicates the value of D.C. current when the inductance becomes 35% lower than its initial value. (Ta=40℃)
※3 Temperature rise current: The value of DC current when the temperature rise is △T=40℃.

Production Stage:

In mass production

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