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High Temperature SMD Power Inductor: CDRH*0D**BT150 Series

March 18th 2020

In early 2019, Sumida introduced the CDRH50D28B/T150 Series of high temperature shielded drum and ring core inductors, for a range of automotive applications.

Total six package sizes have now been released in this type family.

The smallest measures 5.3 x 5.6 x 3.0 mm and the largest is 13.1 x 12.8 x 8.0 mm. Inductances range from 0.8 to 1000uH, with DCR as low as 4.5 mOHM, and a saturation current of up to 31 amps.

Key Features:

  • Ni-Zn ferrite core technology allows CDRH*0D**BT150 Series to be highly space-efficient
  • AEC-Q200 qualified


ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), LED Headlight Driver Circuits, ADB (Adaptive Driving Beam), AFS (Adaptive Front-lighting System), DC-DC Converters etc.

These may include ECU, BMS, Navigation systems, Infotainment systems, Hybrid Engine Controls, ABS, or any high-reliability application

Production Stage:

In mass production

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