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Automotive Grade 2-in-1 Inductor for Digital Amplifier: D2EP21D15

August 29th 2023

D2EP21D15 is a pin type 2-in-1 inductor designed for automotive digital amplifier application.

Key Features:

  • AEC-Q200 qualified
  • 2-in-1 structure offers space-saving  (Pin type)
  • Magnetically shielded
  • Operational Temperature range:  -40°C ~ +125°C (including self-heating)



Best suited for automotive Digital Amplifier (Class-D Amp)

Part Name  Inductance [Within] (μH) ※1  D.C.R. at 20℃ [within] (A) (mΩ)  Saturation Current (A) Max.(Typ.) ※2 Temperature Rise Currrent
(A) (Typ.) ※3 
D2EP21D15NP-220MC 22.00 ± 20% 22.80 (19.00) 7.20 (9.00) 5.40 (6.30)

※ 1 Measuring condition Inductance at 100kHz 1.0V
※ 2 Saturation current: The value of current when the inductance decreases to 75% of the nominal value.
※ 3 Temperature rise current: The value of DC current when the temperature rise is △T=40℃(Ta=20℃).

Production Stage:


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