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Notice of 2nd Quarter Dividend for Fiscal Year 2009

July 24th 2009 Press Release

SUMIDA CORPORATION hereby inform you regarding the payment of dividend out of retained earnings (2nd Quarter dividend for fiscal year 2009 ending December 31) approved at the meeting of the Board of Directors held today.

The details are provided as follows:

Contents of2nd Quarter Dividend for Fiscal Year 2009 ending December 31

  Resolved Most Recent Forecast
(announced on
February 24, 2009)
Same period last year 
(Fiscal Year 2008
ending December 31)
Record Date June 30, 2009 June 30, 2009 June 30, 2008
Dividend per Share 5 yen 5 yen 10 yen
Total Amount of Dividend Paid 96 million JPY - 192 million JPY
Effective Date August 20, 2009 - August 20, 2008
Dividend Resource Retained Earnings - Retained Earnings
As of June 30, 2009, the total number of issued shares is 19,944,317 shares and of which 731,463 shares are treasury stocks. Therefore, 19,212,854 shares would be those for which the 2nd quarter dividend be distributed.


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The dividend for Fiscal Year 2009 is to be paid as follows:

Fiscal Year 1st Quarter 2nd Quarter 3rd Quarter 4th Quarter Total
2009 5 JPY 5 JPY 5 JPY
20 JPY 


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