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Results of Voting of the 55th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

March 23rd 2010
Press Release

SUMIDA CORPORATION (“Sumida”) announced today the results of the voting for or against approval items presented at the 55th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (“AGM”) held on March 20, 2010. Items presented for shareholders’ approval were approved by majority vote.

  1. Number of Voting Rights
    Number of shareholders who have voting rights:  5,718
    Number of voting rights:  191,276 
  2. Exercised Voting Rights
      Voting rights exercised
    prior to the AGM
    Voting rights exercised
    at the AGM
    Number of
    1,214 59 1,273
    Number of
    voting rights
    129,969  5,706  135,675
    Note: At AGM of Sumida, shareholders vote for each item which is presented for shareholders’ approval. The votes are immediately counted after the voting and the result is disclosed to the shareholders attended. Should any shareholder vote at the AGM despite he/she having already exercised his/her voting right prior to the AGM, Sumida treats the shareholder’s final vote as the effective exercise of the voting right.
  3. Results of the Voting
    Agenda: Appointment of ten (10) directors 
      Number of
    “For” votes
    Number of
    “Against” votes
    “For”/Total Ratio
    Shigeyuki Yawata  131,297  4,378 96.8%
    Chiu Ka Sheung 131,098 4,577 96.6%
    Robert E. Patterson  131,312  4,363 96.8%
    Ashok B. Melwani  131,276  4,399  96.8%
    Kazuhide Kondo 130,992 4,683 96.5%
    Masato Tsuru  131,153 4,522 96.7%
    Kotaro Miyagi  131,166 4,509 96.7%
    Ulrich Ruetz 131,159  4,516  96.7%
    Masaru Hattori 131,160 4,515  96.7%
    Charles F. Martin  131,309  4,366 96.8%


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