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Financial Results for the 1st Quarter (Ended 31st March, 2007)

May 8th 2007

1st Quarter, Fiscal Year 2007

Net sales of the First Quarter of 2007 added 14.1% to ¥16,888 million from the same term last year as a result of the keen expansion in Power Inductor, Power Solution and Signal, in addition to the increase of Automotive and Other Companies accompanied by the contribution of the VOGT Component Company and VOGT EMS Company despite the downturn in the sales of Inverter Company.

Operating income fell 34.8% year-on-year to ¥705 million by reason partly of the dramatic sales reduction in Inverter Company and partly of the declined profit margin in Legacy Company followed by negative impact from the incomplete scale of production at our PRC plants during the Lunar New Year holidays, in addition to the decrease in the automotive-related-equipment sales of higher profit margin from VOGT EMS Company.

Ordinary income reduced 53.3% to ¥563 million. This was explained by the additional interest payables, reduced exchange gain and increased investment loss stemmed from the equity method. Net income dropped 51.2% year-on-year to ¥355 million.

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