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Resolutions of the 60th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

March 23rd 2015
Press Release

The resolutions passed at the 61st Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on March 21st, 2016 were as follows.

Items resolved:
Agenda 1: Appointment of seven (7) directors
The re-appointment of five (5) directors Mr. Shigeyuki Yawata, Mr. Johji Sato, Mr. Pak Hong Auyang, Mr. Soichiro Uchida and Mr. Yukihiro Moroe and the new appointment of two (2) directors Mr. Atsushi Kato and Dr. Michael Mühlbayer was approved as proposed. All of them accepted their appointment.

With the exception of Mr. Shigeyuki Yawata all six (6) directors are outside directors.

Agenda 2: Issuance of performance-linked stock acquisition rights
This agenda item was approved as proposed. 

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