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Results of Voting of the 58th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

March 22nd 2013
Press Release

SUMIDA CORPORATION (“Sumida”) would like to announce the results of voting for approval items presented at the 58th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (“AGM”) held on 20 March 2013. Items proposed to shareholders were approved by majority votes.

  1. Number of Voting Rights
    Number of shareholders with voting rights:  7,044
    Number of voting rights:  191,382 
  2. Results of the Voting
    Agenda: Appointment of nine (9) directors
      Number of
    “For” votes
    Number of
    “Against” votes
    Number of
    Shigeyuki Yawata   117,644  322  0  99.7%
     Kotaro Miyagi   117,764  202  0  99.8%
     Ulrich Ruetz  117,750   216   0  99.8%
     Masaru Hattori   117,745  221  0  99.8%
     Charles F. Martin  117,765   201  0  99.8%
     Nobuyuki Oneda   117,751  215   0  99.8%
     Shinji Yoko  117,756  210   0  99.8%
     Johji Sato   117,757  209  0  99.8%
     Auyang Pak Hong  117,756   210   0  99.8%

    Note: The presence of more than 1/3 of the voting rights of shareholders who can exercise their voting rights and the majority of “For” votes of shareholders who were present is necessary for the approval of an item. The above results contain votes submitted until the day before the General Shareholders Meeting by means of a power of authority or by exercising a vote through internet.


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