SUMIDA: 投资者最新消息

Notice on Revisions of FY2019 Earnings and Dividend Forecast

2019年 07月 31日

With due consideration of the recent business performance, SUMIDA CORPORATION announces today revisions of FY2019 earnings and dividend forecast disclosed on February 12, 2019 along with the FY2018 consolidated financial results.

  1. Revision of FY2019 earnings forecast (Jan. 1-Dec. 31, 2019)

     (million JPY) Sales Operating
    Attributable to 
    Owners of Parent
    Previous Forecast (A) 101,400 6,200 5,070 3,540 130.81
    Revised Forecast (B) 92,000 2,200 900 500 18.43
    Change (B) - (A) (9,400) (4,000) (4,170) (3,040)  
    Change %  (9.3%) (64.5%) (82.2%) (85.9%)  
    FY2018 Results
    97,538 5,383 4,061 2,420 90.24
  2. Reasons for revision of FY2019 earnings forecast
    Despite of benefits from the environmental regulations in each country especially strengthening EV market, electronic components industry suffers from sluggish new car sales due to new fuels test (WLTP) in Europe as well as decreased buyers’ motivation in China affected by slowdown of Chinese economy and prolonged U.S.-China trade frictions. Contrary to the previous expectations that U.S.-China trade frictions would be getting better and that new car sales in China would be recovering in the second half of this year due to such economic-stimulus package as tax reductions, automotive business is likely to continue weak for some time to come. Based on these latest business environments and the results of our operations in the first half of FY2019, we have decided to revise down the full year earnings forecast for FY2019.
  3. Reasons for revision of FY2019 dividend forecast
    As shown in the chart below, we previously forecast a total of FY2019 dividend payout of 33 yen/share based on the initial FY2019 earnings forecast with payment of 6 yen/share each from Q1 through Q3 and 15 yen/share for year-end. However, in consideration of the revised earnings forecast for a full year of FY2019 based on the weak first-half results, dividend payout for a full year of FY2019 has been revised down to 24 yen/share from 33 yen/share.
  4. Revision of FY2019 dividend forecast

      Dividend Payment (JPY)
      Q1 Q2 Q3


    Previous Forecast
    (announced on February 12, 2019)
    6.00 6.00 6.00 15.00 33.00
    Revised Forecast ---  --- 6.00*  6.00 24.00
    Dividend Paid in 2019 6.00 6.00 --- ---  ---
    Dividend Paid in 2018 6.00 6.00 6.00 9.00  27.00
    *The Q3 dividend forecast remained as announced on February 12, 2019