SUMIDA: 投资者最新消息

Notice concerning Dividend of Surplus (No Dividends)

2020年 07月 31日

SUMIDA CORPORATION (hereafter “the Company”) announces that its Board of Directors has passed a resolution at the meeting held on July 31, 2020 not to pay the dividend of surplus, with June 30 as the record date.

1. Details of the Dividend

Second Quarter Dividend of FY2020

  Amount Determined Most Recent Dividend Forecast
(Announced on April 28, 2020)
Actual Dividend in the Previous Fiscal Year
(Second Quarter Dividends in FY2019)
Record Date June 30,2020 Same as on the left June 30, 2019
Dividend per Share 0 yen Not yet decided 6 yen 
Total Amount of Dividend Paid 0 - 162 million yen
Effective Date - - August 26, 2019
Source of Dividends - - Retained earnings


2. Reason

The Company’s basic policy for the return of profits to shareholders is to deliver dividends in consideration of a consolidated dividend payout ratio (25% to 30%) with top priority on the profit distribution through dividends.

There is no prospect of the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic to the FY2020 net income currently, however, since a severe impact is still expected, we have regrettably decided not to pay second quarter dividends as in the first quarter.

3. FY2020 Dividend Forecast 

  Dividend Payment (yen)
Q1 Q2 Q3 Year-end Total
Dividend for 2020 0 JPY 0 JPY - - -

Note: The dividend for the 3rd quarter and onwards is not yet decided.