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Financial Results for the 4th Quarter (Ended 31st December, 2007)

19 Februar 2008

4th Quarter, Fiscal Year 2007

Sales of the Fourth Quarter of 2007 reduced 0.7% year-on-year to ¥17,035 million due to the decrease in Inverter and Legacy Companies and contraction of Vogt Component Company despite expansion in Automotive and Other Companies. The decline was also accounted for the appreciation of Japanese Yen which was up 3.9% from 117.6 to 113.0 Yen to a US dollar as compared with a year earlier.

Operating income increased 2.2 times to ¥1,316 million as compared with the same term last year, attributable partly to the increased revenue leading to sustainable profit in Coil Business and growing profitability in Automotive and Other Companies, and partly to the gain in VOGT Component Company in contrast to a lump-sum amortization of goodwill accounted in the same term last year despite the inevitably operating loss in support of the aggressive restructuring steps in VOGT EMS Company.

Ordinary income gained 2.1 times year-on-year to ¥1,032 million because of the unrealized exchange loss resulted from yen appreciation despite no investment loss from equity-method. Net income increased to ¥949 million from a loss of ¥55 million in the same term last year.

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