Privacy Policy

The original version of Privacy Policy is written in Japanese under the premise that it is applied to individuals residing in Japan. This translation is provided only for the reference and convenience of non-Japanese speaking people residing in Japan. In case of discrepancies between Japanese version and this English version, the Japanese version shall prevail.

1. Introduction

SUMIDA CORPORATION and its subsidiaries in Japan as listed below (collectively “SUMIDA”) have always strived to protect and properly manage any and all information including name, address, telephone number, E-mail address, etc., by which any individual of a customer, supplier and any other business partner, shareholder etc. (collectively “Customer”) can be identified ("Personal Information"). With this in mind, SUMIDA has established a "Privacy Policy" as presented below, and we will make sure to manage our web site (this “Site”) for our Customers to be safe and enjoyable by diligently pursuing the prevention of unauthorized use, disclosure, modification, etc., of the Personal Information provided by our Customers.

SUMIDA CORPORATION’s subsidiaries in Japan:
Sumida Electronic Components Co., Ltd., Sumida Corporate Service Incorporated, Sumida Electric Co., Ltd., and Sumida Power Technology Co., Ltd.

2. Handling of Personal Information

(1) Obtaining Personal Information

When SUMIDA obtains Personal Information, we do so under the basic rule that such information is voluntarily provided (registered).

(2) Usage within the Purpose of Use

SUMIDA will never use Personal Information obtained from a Customer for any purpose beyond the purpose of use as described below without obtaining a prior consent from the relevant Customer:

(a) provision of any and all goods, service, etc., and sales promotion of SUMIDA;

(b) execution of a contract concluded between a customer and SUMIDA;

(c) contacts for business negotiations and meetings with a customer;

(d) provision of various membership services;

(e) contacts for, correspondence with and management of a supplier or business partner (including any future supplier and business partner);

(f) management of shareholders as stipulated in the Company Act etc., and provision of information relating to IR activities to shareholders and investors;

(g) any other purposes indicated by SUMIDA when obtaining Personal Information;

(h) response to various inquiries from a Customer; and

(i) compliance with any provisions in any applicable laws and regulations or correspondence with any governmental notification and/or guidance, etc.

(3) Shared use of Personal Data

SUMIDA may share the use of “Personal Data” (personal information which is filed electronically or by paper to be easily searched) with shared parties as follows.

(a) Personal Data to be shared

Information attributed to a Customer including name, name of the company and department a customer belongs to, title, address, telephone number, FAX number and e-mail address etc., and contents of other information and inquiries provided by a Customer

(b) Scope of shared parties

SUMIDA CORPORATION and its subsidiaries in Japan

(c) Purpose of shared use

Same as described in above 2(2)

(d) Party responsible for the handling


(4) Provision of Personal Information to Third Party

SUMIDA will not provide or disclose Personal Information to third parties, except in the following cases:

(a) when express consent is received from a Customer;

(b) when disclosure to third parties is authorized by applicable laws and regulations.

3. Handling of Personal Information in this Site

When you make an inquiry, register to My Sumida, or ask for catalogs, you are requested to enter your Personal Information on this Site. We endeavor to protect Personal Information by implementing appropriate security control measures based on Privacy Policy.

4. Enquiries and Request to Disclose Personal Information

In case of any queries with regard to Privacy Policy, please contact Corporate Office.

In case of requesting to disclose, correct, add, delete, stop usage of, or notify the purpose of usage of Personal Information held by SUMIDA, or raising complaints, please contact Consultation Window on Personal Information Protection.

5. Cookies and Other Technologies

SUMIDA uses cookies and Web beacon (clear GIF) technologies in this Site to assess and improve this Site for the benefit of users. SUMIDA does not, however, use cookies and Web beacon technologies to record information concerning individual persons, and consequently no information of a specific person is stored or used. A person has the option of adjusting his/her browser’s settings to refuse cookies or alert him/her when cookies are sent. However, please note that a part of this Site may not function properly if cookies are disabled.

When a person uses this Site, the access log including IP address is recorded. This information is used to monitor access to this Site, and is not used to identify persons.

6. Other Understandings

(1) This Site contains links to third-party web sites. Please check respective policies with regard to the handling of Personal Information at those web sites.

(2) Privacy Policy shall be in accordance with the laws of Japan.

(3) Privacy Policy may be changed by SUMIDA at any time. In this case it will take effect when posted on this Site.

Last update: 2017.06.19